Apple News: Two New iPads Coming In November!

Yesterday’s news from Apple definitely delivered a lot of what had been predicted, but also dropped some nice unexpected extras. The biggest surprises are a totally amped up iPad mini, as well the surprising news that the OS X Mavericks update will be available at no cost; according to Mashable, Apple’s free release of OS X Mavericks signifies a huge shift in Apple’s business model with a renewed focus on ground-breaking hardware. (More on the Mavericks update here later, as well as the new Mac Pro and MacBook Pro!)

If slick mobile device updates are what you were looking for with yesterday’s announcements you should absolutely take note of the two new iPad releases expected in November. (No pre-orders have been announced at this time, BUT you can take advantage of Simply Macintosh‘s waiting list so you’ll be on your way to getting your hands on them when they’re received in-store).

The new iPad Air stands up to all the buzz that had been generated, and then some. All models will be losing some significant weight– the Wi-Fi iPad Air will be losing almost a third of the weight of the iPad 4, ending up at exactly 16oz, and the Wi-Fi/cellular models will be only a half ounce heavier than that. According to Apple these are officially the lightest full-sized tablets in the world; that’s no small feat, and people who log serious time on their iPads at home or on the go will certainly notice the difference. iPad Air is also 20% slimmer than previous models, with a new flat-backed design similar to the iPad Mini, and is losing an inch of width while still maintaining a 9.7 in screen. Apple has cut down the bezeled edges you’re used to seeing here, also mimicking the design of the Mini, and the result is a great new streamlined look. As far as it’s insides, iPad Air will feature a speedy dual-core Apple A7 processing chip as well as the new M7 motion coprocessor that was debuted with the iPhone 5S in September; the good news is you won’t be losing any battery power here and can still expect 10 hours of battery life connected to Wi-Fi. Although some of the rumored camera updates haven’t made their arrival here, you will find the addition of a 3X zoom while recording video.

As far as the iPad Mini, it’s gotten a major overhaul– it’s been given a stunning retina display that is DOUBLE the resolution of the previous model. It also packs a faster processing chip which will deliver speeds up to 4X faster than what the Mini is used to, and Wi-Fi speeds twice as fast, all without sacrificing any battery life; as with the iPad Air you’ll still get up to ten hours of time while connected to Wi-Fi, or while watching movies and listening to music. For all of the iPad Mini Retina’s fabulous new upgrades you’d be hard-pressed to see the difference in it’s appearance until you took a look at the new high-res screen; it’s keeping it’s feather-light 0.7 lb weight and maintaining it’s same dimensions. Honestly, the Mini didn’t need any cosmetic updates, so this is no big surprise. The improvements in screen resolution and processing speed are so vast that it will still feel like a brand new device.

Also of note is that Apple has finally redesigned their smart covers to now include the option of a smart case offering full edge and corner protection for both the iPad Air and the Mini Retina, which is an absolute must when taking your iPad on the road.

With the additions of the new iPad Air and revamped iPad Mini with retina display to the iPad family there are now a multitude options for the meticulous shopper looking for the perfect device. Stop into Simply Macintosh to meet with a knowledgeable salesperson and figure out what would work best for you, your family, and your lifestyle– and if either of the new iPads are what you’re hankering for, they’ll be happy to get you set up on their waiting list.