Tips for Safe Trick or Treating

Halloween is tomorrow – are you ready? Simply Macintosh will be handing out candy to our Plaza trick or treaters from 4pm – 6pm. We can’t wait to see all of the creative costumes this year!
Are you going out for more trick-or-treating fun after the Plaza festivities? Here are some tips for a safe and fun Halloween –
• Swords, Knives, and other costume accessories should be short and flexible to avoid injury
• Avoid Trick-or-Treating alone. Walk in groups or with a trusted adult.
• Fasten reflective tape to costumes and be careful to avoid all-black costumes that would make you difficult for drivers to see.
• Hold a flashlight while Trick-or-Treating and make sure to stay on the sidewalk or other path. Avoid running across the street from house to house.
• Wear well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, and falls.
• Don’t enter stranger’s homes and don’t accept home-made treats from strangers.

• Most important – HAVE FUN!


Apple News: Two New iPads Coming In November!

Yesterday’s news from Apple definitely delivered a lot of what had been predicted, but also dropped some nice unexpected extras. The biggest surprises are a totally amped up iPad mini, as well the surprising news that the OS X Mavericks update will be available at no cost; according to Mashable, Apple’s free release of OS X Mavericks signifies a huge shift in Apple’s business model with a renewed focus on ground-breaking hardware. (More on the Mavericks update here later, as well as the new Mac Pro and MacBook Pro!)

If slick mobile device updates are what you were looking for with yesterday’s announcements you should absolutely take note of the two new iPad releases expected in November. (No pre-orders have been announced at this time, BUT you can take advantage of Simply Macintosh‘s waiting list so you’ll be on your way to getting your hands on them when they’re received in-store).

The new iPad Air stands up to all the buzz that had been generated, and then some. All models will be losing some significant weight– the Wi-Fi iPad Air will be losing almost a third of the weight of the iPad 4, ending up at exactly 16oz, and the Wi-Fi/cellular models will be only a half ounce heavier than that. According to Apple these are officially the lightest full-sized tablets in the world; that’s no small feat, and people who log serious time on their iPads at home or on the go will certainly notice the difference. iPad Air is also 20% slimmer than previous models, with a new flat-backed design similar to the iPad Mini, and is losing an inch of width while still maintaining a 9.7 in screen. Apple has cut down the bezeled edges you’re used to seeing here, also mimicking the design of the Mini, and the result is a great new streamlined look. As far as it’s insides, iPad Air will feature a speedy dual-core Apple A7 processing chip as well as the new M7 motion coprocessor that was debuted with the iPhone 5S in September; the good news is you won’t be losing any battery power here and can still expect 10 hours of battery life connected to Wi-Fi. Although some of the rumored camera updates haven’t made their arrival here, you will find the addition of a 3X zoom while recording video.

As far as the iPad Mini, it’s gotten a major overhaul– it’s been given a stunning retina display that is DOUBLE the resolution of the previous model. It also packs a faster processing chip which will deliver speeds up to 4X faster than what the Mini is used to, and Wi-Fi speeds twice as fast, all without sacrificing any battery life; as with the iPad Air you’ll still get up to ten hours of time while connected to Wi-Fi, or while watching movies and listening to music. For all of the iPad Mini Retina’s fabulous new upgrades you’d be hard-pressed to see the difference in it’s appearance until you took a look at the new high-res screen; it’s keeping it’s feather-light 0.7 lb weight and maintaining it’s same dimensions. Honestly, the Mini didn’t need any cosmetic updates, so this is no big surprise. The improvements in screen resolution and processing speed are so vast that it will still feel like a brand new device.

Also of note is that Apple has finally redesigned their smart covers to now include the option of a smart case offering full edge and corner protection for both the iPad Air and the Mini Retina, which is an absolute must when taking your iPad on the road.

With the additions of the new iPad Air and revamped iPad Mini with retina display to the iPad family there are now a multitude options for the meticulous shopper looking for the perfect device. Stop into Simply Macintosh to meet with a knowledgeable salesperson and figure out what would work best for you, your family, and your lifestyle– and if either of the new iPads are what you’re hankering for, they’ll be happy to get you set up on their waiting list.


Greetings, readers!

Simply Macintosh is an Apple Specialist in Arcata, California. Owner Simeon Tauber has been an Apple consultant for nearly 20 years. The store’s staff of two technicians and four sales people are not only proficient in the use and repair of Macs, but also they love what they do– and the most important thing they do is provide superb customer service.

Arcata is a small town, and Simply Macintosh takes pride in providing the personal service that represents the best of what small towns offer. We give each customer and each computer the attention that friends and neighbors deserve, whether they are just starting out with their first computer or operating the latest equipment to produce music or motion pictures, and we stand behind the quality of our work largely because our customers ARE our friends and neighbors.

At the same time, we stay abreast of the latest trends in technological advancement. We carry the most current products because we understand that we are part of the 21st century and citizens of small towns need to be able to operate in the same world that includes big cities and multi-national corporations.

In short, at Simply Macintosh, we operate in a quickly changing industry but do it with the small town values that has us call Arcata home.

Simply Macintosh is absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our newest endeavor– a blog designed to meet the needs of the Apple user of any kind, now and into the future. Here we’ll be featuring current news about products, updates, and announcements, as well as highlighting important user info that’s often easy to overlook when it isn’t provided in an easily accessible and accurate way.

We’ll be introducing you to the best new apps designed for your devices, from productivity to gaming to child-friendly games and educational programs, with thorough reviews. We’re excited to announce that in the future you can look forward to easy one-click purchasing here that will go directly through the App Store. You can trust that Simply Macintosh wants to see you take advantage of the absolute best that Apple has to offer you, because any computer or device is only as good as the apps and programs available to and utilized by the user.

You’ll be able to ask questions and see them answered here in an easy to understand format that other readers can take also learn from and advantage of; you’ll be able to book service and purchasing appointments through a direct one-click portal that will be available here soon.

We’re eager to bring you information about common user issues, concerns, and questions and will be updating this blog regularly with new information we have to share with you. Confused about whether FileVault is really as basic as it seems? We’ll be delving into that soon. Looking for up-to-date info about parental controls? Interested in what the new iCloud Keychain feature could mean for you? Stay tuned, as those will also be addressed here in the near future.

You can look forward to contests and giveaways designed to reward our Simply Macintosh shoppers for helping us stay abreast of what our readers need and want. We strive to give our readers everything they need and more; we want to answer their questions before they even know they have them, and we want to put Macintosh information out there in a way that’s friendly, informative, and up to date.

Right now is an incredibly exciting time in computing and information sharing; changes and advances are being made in huge leaps and bounds, and we invite you to share in that excitement with us. Apple has been the leading innovator in this new age of user-friendly devices and products for a long time now, and their innovations only get bigger and better as time goes on. We want to make sure you’re a part of that; Simply Macintosh is dedicated to ensuring that you’re right there at the forefront of all of Apple’s new products and developments, and that you have information available at your fingertips on how to best use them to suit your needs.

Without further adieu, Welcome to Simply Macintosh’s blog! We invite you to give us your thoughts, questions, ideas, concerns, and anything else on your mind, and we look forward to growing with you through this amazing new way to interact with our customers. We’ll see you soon!

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