Apple News, Part Two: Mac Pro and Macbook Retina!

We’ve already discussed Apple’s new iPad models that were unveiled on Tuesday, so let’s jump into their new offerings for desktop and laptop users!

So…the new Mac Pro = WHOA. It’s pretty incredible, and is consistent with Apple’s trademark “smaller, faster, stronger, BETTER” approach with new devices. It’s sleek new design consists of a shiny black cylinder that takes up only 12% of the space that the previous generation’s boxy tower did, and has such a slick and modern look that it’s hardly recognizable when you compare it to what you’re used to seeing. Check it out:


Gizmodo has dubbed the new Mac Pro “the ultimate work station,” and who’s not looking for THAT?! They also call it “a beast of a machine,” but don’t worry– the new Mac Pro won’t eat your face, it just has the power and speed to make it a computing beast. With between four and twelve cores and up to 12GB of DRAM, it’s 256GB “solid state” drive is what actually makes it TEN TIMES faster than a typical hard drive. (If you’re confused about solid state drives– they use non-volatile NAND flash memory, which just means there are no moving parts. Because there’s no actuator arm and read/write head that’s trying to seek out data on a hard disk drive, the solid state drive is lightning quick in reading and writing data.)

The new Mac Pro has Fire Pro graphics supporting 4K of video output, and comes standard with the new Mac OS X 10.9. It has four USB ports, six thunderbolt ports, and two ethernet ports of 1GB each. You’ll see it soon, as it will be shipping sometime in December.

For laptop users Apple has unveiled what they say is the best Macbook they’ve ever had. Weighing in at 3.46lbs it’s lighter and slimmer than the previous models, and it brings battery life up from seven hours to nine– an impressive jump for a machine that Apple says has a 90% faster performance than it’s predecessors.

The 13in MacBook Pro Retina features a dual-core 2.4ghz i5 “Haswell” chip, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB solid state drive, and stunning Iris graphics. The 15in model features a top of the line i7 “Cystalwell” chip, 8GB of RAM and a whopping 512GB solid state drive, which means that for around the same cost as the previous 15in MacBook Pro you’re DOUBLING your storage. This model also has integrated Iris Pro graphics, but can be combined with Nvidia Geforce 750M graphics augmented by 2G of video memory for ultimate performance.

Check in with Simply Macintosh soon to see these fabulous new products and decide which one is best for you!